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Breast Cancer is one of the most common cancers for women in the United States, and its prevalence can often lead to unnecessary worry. Here is the truth about some common myths surrounding Breast Cancer.

  • Myth #1: Deodorant causes breast cancer. Nope. There is no credible evidence of a link between deodorant and breast cancer, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and National Institutes of Health. 
  • Myth #2: Only people with a family history of breast cancer get breast cancer. Statistics show that 85 to 90% of women with Breast Cancer have no family history of the disease.
  • Myth #3: Breast implants cause breast cancer. There is no evidence that breast implants—either silicone or saline-filled—are linked to breast cancer.
  • Myth #4: Drinking coffee or tea causes breast cancer. According to Susan G. Komen, several analyses of breast cancer research have found no link between coffee or tea and increased risk of breast cancer. Some studies even find that drinking coffee or tea may decrease your risk of breast cancer and other types of cancer, but research is ongoing. 
  • Myth #5: Large breasts are more prone to breast cancer. You may think that the more breast tissue you have, the more likely you are to have breast cancer. It’s not true. However, it can be harder to read mammograms of large breasts, and your mammogram may take longer and involve more pictures. 

Help Club 97.5 raise Breast Cancer Awareness during October by scheduling a Breast Cancer Screening. Whether you have a family history or not, it’s important to talk with your doctor about Breast Cancer. Most guidelines recommend an annual screening mammogram starting at age 40.